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Common Queries and Questions

Isn’t true that I cannot do yoga because I’m not flexible - I can’t even touch my toes?
At Yogabloom we believe that everyone can benefit from a personalized well-designed yoga practice which addresses unique needs. Flexibility training must be balanced with strength work. A person who is over flexible may be at risk for unnecessary injuries. To protect our joints it is important to assure that the muscles that surround them are strong. We work on gradually improving flexibility as we encourage a strong foundation to develop.
I’m very hyper so I could never do yoga because I can’t relax - right?
Those of us who are hyper probably need yoga more then really calm people. Many teachers and students are attracted to yoga because they are by nature hyper and when they finally learn how to relax they begin to reap huge benefits. If you have a type A personality, there is a good chance you’ll be attracted to a fast-paced challenging yoga such as Ashtanga or power yoga. We recommend that you balance out your yoga practice by including some gentle yoga and restorative yoga.
Can I lose weight doing yoga?
We’ve seen many students and teachers lose weight gradually and permanently through yoga. One way this occurs is through muscle toning and strength building which help create a more effective metabolism. As well, we learn how to relax our bodied produce less cortisol - the stress hormone which tends to make us gain weight around our midline. Yoga teaches us to be more fully present with all aspects of our life and as we begin to take time to eat more mindfully, we begin to make healthier choices and listen to our bodies’ inner signals - stopping when we feel satisfied.
I have a sore back. Can I do yoga?
Yoga has helped many people with back issues. The key is taking yoga with a knowledgeable teacher who makes adjustments for your needs. Beginning with private classes is highly recommended. Many of our students feel the huge benefit from working with slings, belts, massage balls and rollers. It is important to explain your situation to your teachers and alert them of changes. If you’re working with a health care practitioner, inform your teacher of any restrictions and recommendations that you have been given. For most back conditions, a program that includes work on spinal stabilization is recommended. If you have spondylolisthesis or spinal stenosis, work privately with a specialized teacher until you understand which postures will be of benefit and which to avoid.
I have arthritis and am awaiting hip surgery, can I do yoga?
You can do yoga with a teacher who has a strong understanding of your situation. It is essential to feel the difference between movements that help create space versus the ones that grind bone on bone. Angi, a teacher at YOGABLOOM, had a hip replacement recently and was able to use her yoga practice to postpone the surgery for more then 10 years. She developed techniques to help alleviate discomfort and used her yoga even during the surgery procedure. Her physical recovery was excellent and her physiotherapists were impressed by both her range of motion and strength. Her yoga practice definitely accelerated her physical and emotional recovery.
I’m obese can I do yoga?
Yes, everyone can do yoga. You need to find a teacher who understands your issues and is able to suggest adaptations that will allow you to be challenged according to your unique needs.
Yoga looks so hard I could never wrap my leg around my neck. Why should I take it if it is so impossible?
Yoga comes in all sizes and shapes. You can do a very gentle practice lying down or even sitting in a wheel chair or a adrenalin charging practice on a tight rope. You need to take the time to explore different options until you find one that is right for you.
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We offer personalized classes and experiences to help everyone increase mobility, prolong stamina, and enhance overall health. Namaste!

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