Working with Injuries




  • Just because your back hurts you, you have a sore knee or are awaiting a hip replacement doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from yoga.
  • Learn how the practice of yoga can help you alleviate discomfort by strengthening the musculature around the injured area and stretching overworked fascia and muscles.
  • Allow the breath to help alleviate stress.
  • Enjoy traction for the spine and start feeling younger.
  • The postures will be individualized and supported according to your needs.
  • Learn from the “queen of the props” -  a teacher who has had a recent hip replacement, stroke, scoliosis, knee, neck, wrist & shoulder injuries, plantar fasciitis and degenerative disc disease.
  • She will share many techniques that have helped her and her clients enjoy the benefits of yoga and alleviate some injuries. Learn how to unharness the breath to help inner healing.